212 Degrees Volleyball


Who is 212??

212 Volleyball is striving to be different in the club volleyball world. We are intentional, passionate and organized. We have created a positive competitive environment that allows kids to grow and develop as athletes. We have an awesome coaching staff who is personable, they love the kids, they are experienced, and knowledgeable in the game of volleyball. We are competitive and playing time is earned. We foster a team first atmosphere, we teach how to be a good teammate. We push and challenge our athletes to be better, to compete, to have discipline and drive but we also teach them to be selfless, to respect their coaches and teammates, we teach them how to handle those hard moments, how to take the challenges and turn those into positive actions. We are here to help your athlete reach the next level; whether that is to make the middle school team or to have an opportunity play in college, we are here for your athlete every step of the way.

We do everything to the extra degree. We are 212°

We are looking for families to help us in our mission and we would LOVE to meet you! Come Join Us!